I am Alina,
a product designer

Who am I?

I am a passionate person who wants to leave this world in a better place.

I believe that collaboration is the key to success.

I love user research; it's like watching a Columbo or Moonlighting episode. It's a detective work that always pays off.

I constantly strive to be a better human. There are times I fail and I've been wrong, but by being honest with myself, I improve. And I will do better the next time.


Hire me

You want to hire me if

You want to understand if you are solving the right problems

You need someone who is proud of their work because they tested it, validated it, got feedback from other designers AND engineers and they are confident they did everything they could; someone who pays attention to details and cares for quality

You need a person who is a glue to everything, the person who communicates, builds relationships, and remains empathetic

You need a learner, someone who takes feedback even it's a god damn tough one

You DON'T want to hire me if

You are looking for a graphic designer

You want someone simply execute your ideas

You trust your gut instinct instead of validating your work, and want me to do the same

You are looking for someone with 20+ years of experience. I ain't got them, but I learned a lot, and I learn quick